At The Edge Contracting in Waukesha, we believe your roof is the most important component to your home. It keeps the weather out and protects your family. So why would you let amateurs work on it? Not all roofing contractors provide high-quality work. Most local roofers are in the volume game. They win contracts, complete the job as quickly as possible, and move onto the next roof. Unfortunately, the inattention to detail is what really hurts you, the homeowner, in the long run. A roof repair or roof replacement is expensive, especially if you didn’t need it in the first place.

In this post, we’ll share seven roofing contractor scams to avoid and how to notice them before you become the victim. Are you ready to discuss roof restoration in Waukesha? Contact The Edge Contracting today! In the meantime, continue reading to learn more.

Seven Roofing Contractor Scams

It’s unfortunate that we have to spend time sharing roofing scams to avoid; however, at The Edge Contracting, we want you to be as prepared as possible to make the best decision about your roof. You need to know just as much about your roof as the next homeowner, and we intend to help you get there. Here are the seven scams:

Scam #1 – Vanishing Down Payment

The most common scam to avoid is the disappearing down payment tactic. Fraudulent roofing contractors will commit to replacing your roof, but they require a down payment to get started. The company will state they need a percentage of the total paid up front to pay for labor and materials. Unfortunately, once check is in hand, they won’t return.

You can avoid this scam by doing your due diligence on finding the right roofing contractor in Waukesha and getting an official contract created and signed between you and the contractor.

Scam #2 – The Door-To-Door Salesman

The second most common roofing contractor scam, and one of the biggest, is the door-to-door salesman. These individuals will target neighborhoods with a high density of senior citizens or where a storm has just hit. They will knock on doors under the guise of a free roof inspection. Then, they will go up on roofs and fabricate damage to pad their sale.

The easiest way to combat this scam is to get a second or third opinion of the damage. Call a reputable local roofer in Waukesha for a roof inspection to confirm the damage being reported.

Scam #3 – The Storm Chaser

A big portion of roofing scams, including the first two scams on this list, are perpetuated by storm chasers. Although these individuals and companies are the most highly publicized, people still fall victim to the allure. They travel the country, following storm paths, and take advantage of homeowners.

Want to make sure a storm chaser is legitimate? Check their reputation, ask for references, and get a second opinion on their inspection.

Scam #4 – The Change-Order Increase

Some roofing contractors will start a job and start increasing the price as they go. Granted, there are situations where change-orders do need to take place in order to meet the homeowner’s wishes; however, if the roofing contractor is coming to you daily and communicating that you need to pay more for a specific issue or problem, you need to consider finding a new roofer.

Before you sign a contract, examine the exit or termination clauses. How easy is it to get out of a contract? You may need it in the case of this scam.

Scam #5 – The Deal

If you notice your neighbors or someone else in your neighborhood getting a new roof, be alert. In some cases, roofing contractors will follow other companies around and sell homeowners on a new roof, even when they don’t’ need one. They use high-pressure tactics like comparing your roof to your neighbor’s new roof, potential damage, and the one-time offer. In some cases, these salesmen will say they’re with the roofing company down the street when they really are not.

Ask for a business card, check their contractor license, and give the number on the card a call. Snuff out the scam before it even gets started. Furthermore, if you’ve had a new roof installed in the last seven years and have not sustained storm damage, you probably don’t need a new one.

Scam #6 – The Low Bid

At The Edge Contracting in Waukesha, we love a great deal more than anyone else. In fact, we do our very best to stay competitive in the market to give our customers the best deal for high-quality materials and expert workmanship; however, if you choose a local roofing contractor offering a bid substantially lower than the competition, you may be falling for a scam to come.

This scam is usually followed by scam four above. A contractor will win jobs with low bids and change-order their way to market- or above market-price before the project is complete.

You can avoid this scam by asking questions. Request the low-bid contractor to compare their bid to the competition in the market. What makes their bid so low? Call the other bidders on the project and ask about the low-bid contractor, if they’ve heard of the company or not.

Scam #7 – Insurance Fraud

Homeowners who have home insurance may be able to claim hail or other storm damage under their insurance policy. In this situation, a roofing contractor will need to submit their invoice to the insurance company to get paid for their work on the home. A contractor that commits insurance fraud will submit an invoice to the insurance company that’s substantially higher than the one they submit to the homeowner. This is much harder to catch than any of the other scams; however, you can take measures to avoid this scam.

Listen carefully to the roofing contractor’s offer. If the roofer offers no-cost incentives or to pay your deductible, these can be signs of insurance fraud. Furthermore, you can ask for references provided by the contractor if they’ve experienced this company attempting to commit fraud

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At The Edge Contracting, we operate with a code of values: respect, integrity, and customer focus. We treat others as we wish to be treated. Our word is our promise. We’re continually striving to improve our process, craft, and customer service. Finally, we do our best to have some fun in the process.

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