Waukesha is not shy about the severe weather it gets — from blizzards that put any snow removal company to the test to summer storms that rip and tear through the city. Sure, the summer storms are beautiful — watching the lightning and hearing the roaring thunder that often comes abruptly and unexpectedly — but how do you know when it results in damage?

Detecting roof damage is just one of the many skills and services we offer at The Edge Contracting, in addition to roof repair and new roof construction. If your home was caught in a storm, we’re here to lend a hand as your hail damage roofer in Waukesha. Follow along in today’s blog as we examine what hail damage to your roof may look like.

Hail Damage To Your Roof: What To Look For

If it were to hail today, would you know what signs to look for on your roof? Chances are, you wouldn’t because, as a homeowner, when was the last time you were up on your roof assessing what it looks like? We all know what healthy shingles look like, but the subtle nuances are something the experts are able to spot right away.

Be weary of companies that come out of the woodwork to fix your roof.

When a major storm happens, companies will flock to vulnerable homeowners to make a quick buck and leave you with the disastrous aftermath. A tactic they like to use is offering a free hail damage roof inspection. They’ll spend time up on the roof taking pictures and assessing the damage, and then show you in the pictures what has happened. This is where things can get murky. As a result of not knowing what your roof looks like, the pictures could be from another roof, from another city, at another time — this is their ploy! They’ll then do the roof repair and move on, and when it comes time for insurance to pay for your new roof, they won’t because it was unnecessary. 

After a storm, you can do a host of things: jump up on your roof and take pictures of the damage, call a professional roofer who has been in business in the area, and/or do a quick assessment of what you see.    

Check your roof for these signs:

  • Damage to other structures around your property – Before hopping up onto the roof, check other structures, such as the gutters, the downspouts, and your mailbox — if these are dented or damaged, your roof will likely be as well.
  • Damaged siding – This type of damage may surface as paint chips, dents, holes, or cracks and is a tell-tale sign there is more damage up on your roof.
  • Shingle granules in gutters – When you’re inspecting your gutters and downspouts, if you notice a good amount of the granules from your shingles on the ground or in your gutters, this will indicate possible roof damage.
  • Missing shingles – This sign you’ll be able to observe easily from the ground — if your roof is missing shingles, this is a problem and a red flag for roof damage.

The signs for roof damage are vast, and we still have a lot to cover, so stay tuned for part two!

To schedule a roof inspection with a trusted Waukesha hail damage roofer, call us today!