In part one of this series, we examined how roofing companies can pull hail damage scams to leave you fronting the bill, and signs of hail damage to look for on your roof, including missing shingles and granules, damaged siding, and other damaged structures.

As a homeowner, roof damage is never welcome, and at The Edge Contracting, we want to help make this process as stress-free as possible. We’re your Waukesha hail damage roofer, and we’re here to repair or install a new roof! Join us for even more ways to spot potential hail damage after a hail storm has hit.

Hail damage affects every part of your property, not just your cars!

Even More Signs You May Have Hail Damage

In the first part of this series, we looked at the more hard-hitting signs of hail roof damage, but there are actually many subtle signs that may expose roof damage.

On the ground, some subtle signs include:

  • Hail marks on the concrete – When hail hits hard, it will often leave clean splatter marks in its wake. As it hits, it will remove grime, dirt, and debris from that area, leaving a light and clean hail mark. When this is left, we know the impact was strong and tough enough to clean the concrete, so a similar situation may result on the roof.
  • Damaged landscaping – If you have shredded plants and flowers on the ground, or bushes and trees with stripped leaves and bark, this indicates a beat down to your landscaping, and potentially to your roof as well.
  • Dents and dings in other things – Whether your car, outdoor furniture, outdoor lights, fencing, shed, or outdoor HVAC system has dents and dings, it’s an indicator that your roof also has damage. 

Rooftop signs of hail damage include:

If you’re able to get on top of your roof and assess the damage, look for these subtle signs.

  • Dented roof vents – Roof vents are a lighter weight metal, so if there are dents or cracks, it means your home and roof were hit with heavy hail.
  • Metal flashing damage – The metal flashing around your home’s chimney can become dented or damaged in a strong hail storm that also causes damage to your roof.
  • Curling shingles – If your shingles have been damaged, they will begin to curl over time and age much more quickly than healthy, robust shingles. This is more of something to look out for down the road but if you’ve had hail damage in the last few years, curling shingles are something you should look for.

Rooftop hail damage signs in your home:

  • Water leaks – This is a very serious and obvious sign of hail damage on your roof, and if you experience leaks inside your home, this is a sure sign of damage on your roof.
  • Water stains on the ceilings, walls, and/or closets – While you’re inspecting things, if you come across water stains, this indicates past water damage, which means there is already an issue on top of your roof.  
  • Wet insulation in your attic – Inspect your attic for wet insulation — if things are damp, this often points to damage to your roof.

When a hail storm hits, it’s critical to not only check your roof for physical damage, but to see if you can spot things on the ground and in your home, because the sooner you can spot hail roof damage, the more damage you can prevent.

If you have any questions or concerns, it never hurts to check with a professional. To work with the leading hail damage roofer in the Waukesha area, schedule a roof inspection with us today!