The Edge Contracting, LLC is an insurance restoration company that primarily services residential and commercial roofing services and restoration. We are also experts in siding restorations and remodels. We exist to serve our community and surrounding areas with the help necessary to offset the damage and inconveniences caused by storms and catastrophic events. Our staff is trained using the most comprehensive tools available to primarily handle hail, wind, flood and fire restorations. You can visit our About Us page to learn more about our personal experience and certifications.

Our team of roofing contractors consists of people just like you! We are friends, family, members of local churches, co-workers, homeowners and productive citizens. We, like you, have experienced the pain and loss of property damage and have committed to developing the premium contracting firm in the industry for the sake of serving our neighbors and communities.

On this website, we hope you find an ease of use to get you to where you need to be and we hope to provide you with information that gives peace of mind. There’s security in knowing you are dealing with thoughtful industry professionals, which is why at The Edge Contracting, we desire to create a new level of customer service — one where you know you matter to us.

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You can reach us at (888) 808 3831. We look forward to speaking with you!