1. How To Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof (Part Two)

    In part one of this series, we examined how roofing companies can pull hail damage scams to leave you fronting the bill, and signs of hail damage to look for on your roof, including missing shingles and granules, damaged siding, and other damaged structures. As a homeowner, roof damage is never welc…Read More

  2. How To Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof (Part One)

    Waukesha is not shy about the severe weather it gets — from blizzards that put any snow removal company to the test to summer storms that rip and tear through the city. Sure, the summer storms are beautiful — watching the lightning and hearing the roaring thunder that often comes abruptly and un…Read More

  3. 7 Roofing Scams To Avoid

    At The Edge Contracting in Waukesha, we believe your roof is the most important component to your home. It keeps the weather out and protects your family. So why would you let amateurs work on it? Not all roofing contractors provide high-quality work. Most local roofers are in the volume game. They …Read More

  4. How To Choose The Right Roofer For Your Home

    Our homes are one of the biggest investments we make in our lives, and they require a lot of care and maintenance to uphold their overall value. One of the most valuable aspects of your home is your roof, and you shouldn’t just let anyone tackle your home’s roofing projects. Even though all roof…Read More

  5. How To Determine If Your Home Needs Siding Restoration

    Unless you’re a professional roofing contractor, it can be hard to determine when your home needs siding restoration. And we get it — investigating your home’s nooks and crannies for signs of siding deterioration isn’t always at the top of your to-do list. We recommend setting some time asid…Read More

  6. Things To Look For In A Roof Company

    When it comes to choosing a roof company that will put your property first, we know the task can seem daunting and difficult for home and business owners. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home in regards to keeping you safe, and if it’s in ruins after a damaging storm passes th…Read More