Property damage can come in many shapes and sizes. Wind, hail, water and fire are just four of the elements that can destroy your personal property.

No matter what damages have been done to the exterior of your property, our team at The Edge Contracting is here to help, and we can assist in negotiating restoration costs, getting your property back to its original form and functionality.

Wind Damage

Wind is a substantial weather factor that can damage the exterior of your building. Wind can come in gusts or in tornadic events. When strong gusts and tornadoes happen, it can cause damage to your property, ranging from blow off to roofing shingles, roofing tiles, roofing shakes and more.

When your roofing material is blown off or displaced, it can leave your property extremely vulnerable to leaking. These leaks can damage your roofing substrate, your attic insulation, your ceiling and wall drywall, and your interior woodwork. This property loss needs to be addressed immediately and waterproofing measures can assist in mitigating further damage.

Wind can also damage siding on your home, including vinyl siding, cement board siding, engineered wood siding and stucco and wood sidings. Likewise in this event, steps need to be taken to waterproof your property, and The Edge Contracting, LLC will work with your insurance company to negotiate repairs to restore your home to its natural beauty and functionality.

Hail Damage

When hail damage occurs, damaging hailstones can bruise and or break your shingles mat and compromise the functionality of your roof system, exposing you to the possibility of water leaks and further damage. Siding and other exterior materials will also damage quite easily from the impact of hailstones. Our team can help you with your hail damages.

Fire and Water Damage

Fire and water damage are also catastrophic events that we are fully equipped to walk you through, and we understand that above all, your life is turned upside down in this calamity. We will work diligently to restore your property and put to rest your fears and anxieties. Our experts at The Edge Contactor use only the highest of quality construction materials on the market to restore your home.

Don’t leave yourself exposed. Trust your restoration project to the industry leaders in storm and catastrophe repair.

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