Our Roofing Restoration Services

We offer a variety of roofing restoration services, but building envelope waterproofing is the primary service we provide at The Edge Contracting, LLC.

To our team of professionals, roofing is not just something a quality company does — it is in their blood and the desire for excellence drives our success. Whether it is removing and disposing the existing materials from a property owner’s roof, such as asphalt, cedar, tile and shakes, or is the craft of waterproofing the structure through roof application, flashings and sealants, we take every element of the construction process with grave expertise and intention.

Your roof protects your life’s valuable assets, including your home itself, and restoring it is not something a property owner should trust to an unskilled, even if well-intentioned, contractor.

At The Edge Contracting, we never stop learning and training in the ever-evolving art of roof waterproofing. We’ve been trained in applications of asphaltic and composite roofing — in underlayments and their industry standards. We are experts in roof ventilation and insulation. Our craftsmen are masters at flashings and metal components.

All this to say that at The Edge Contracting, we never stop learning and we never cease to train. We do this because the details matter.

Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for our roofing restoration services.